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When to stop using the pacifier?


When to stop using the pacifier; is a difficult question; as I said previously, my best friend carried her pacifier around in her purse until an unknown age. According to some pediatricians, the recommendation is before six months, and others by age two. So, you will need to prepare your little one to say goodbye to the pacifier. What are ways to remove the pacifier from your little one?

  1. Don’t wean off pacifiers during stressful events, i.e., starting a new daycare, moving, taking a long trip, etc.
  2. Praise your child when they choose not to use pacifier.
  3. Make pacifiers unappealing. If baby is not interested in a pacifier, then don’t give it to them.
  4. Have a ceremony to say goodbye to pacifiers (applicable to toddlers and older children).
  5. Offer another object in return, such as a blanket, teddy bear, or doll, to take the pacifier’s place.
  6. Limit its use only during sleeping periods (nap and bedtime).
  7. Don’t use it when the little one has a meltdown, cries, or becomes fussy. Check the little one to determine if they are hungry or have a wet diaper. Try soothing the little one by using distractions such as singing, rocking, reading, playing music, or with toys.

I hope these recommendations are helpful to you and your little one. As always, follow your pediatrician and dentist’s recommendations.

Tell me what age your little one was when you took off pacifier and other helpful strategies you have used.


Dr. Valencia Weaver APRN, FNP-C

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