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Author of the Wynter Skye Series

About The Author

Valencia Weaver is a native of Brunswick, GA. She has two adult children, Keeniel and Mia, a granddaughter named Wynter Skye, and a German shepherd named Milo. Valencia graduated from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa campus with a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and Georgia State University with a Master of Science in nursing. She has been a registered nurse for over thirty-five years, nurse practitioner for fifteen years, and a military trauma nurse for over eleven years. Currently, Valencia works at the Atlanta Veterans Administration Medical Center in the Home-Based Primary Care Program caring for military Veterans.

After returning from Afghanistan, she enjoyed spending time with her only grandchild. She read to her and saw how fascinated she was with the books. Although, she saw this in her own children, there was a difference when she saw it in her grandchild. Therefore, she started looking for children’s books that she could identify with. Yes, she made it about her. Valencia realized that reading gave she and Wynter time to be together, to bond, laugh, and enjoy each other, which was most important. On her journey in search of African American books for babies and toddlers, she found very few.

One day, she started recalling that there were no African American series books during her generation or while she was raising her children. Valencia read books like Pipi Long Stocking, Winnie the Pooh, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, etc. but no African American books. She also remembered reading books such as Dr. Seuss, Arthur, Junie B, and other similar books to her children. This is when she had the vision to write short African American children’s stories based on the likeness of her granddaughter and her family. Valencia wants the audience to look through the eyes of Wynter Skye and see how she experiences the world around her.


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