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Book 1

Welcome Home
Wynter Skye


The book was created to show society the unconditional love African American parents have toward their little ones when they are born and to dispel the negative stereotypes about African American parenting and lifestyle. This book targets early readers. The setting starts with the birth of Wynter Skye, with both parents holding Wynter Skye within the first few hours after her birth. The parents take Wynter Skye home from the hospital, and the house shows a welcome home sign in the yard and inside the home. New parents are learning their newborn during the first few days of life. The parents are happy, but at the same time, they are anxious and nervous because this is their first child. Wynter Skye communicates her needs to her parents by crying and smiling; however, the parents are sometimes clueless. The grandparents are happy to see their firstborn grandchild. The grandparents play with Wynter Skye by making funny faces. The display of unconditional love is throughout the book by parents and grandparents. Wynter Skye feels the love from her family and is glad that she came into the world.

Parents can read to their little ones and mimic Wynter Skye’s crying to make the book fun and entertaining. Hopefully, the story will make the parent and child laugh at the sounds the parents make while mimicking Wynter Skye’s crying episodes while promoting parent-child bonding.

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