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Book 4

Wynter Skye's First Christmas with Family


 Wynter Skye’s First Christmas with Family is the fourth book within the Wynter Skye series. The Christmas holiday is Wynter Skye’s first Christmas, and she now understands the meaning of receiving gifts from Santa. Her parents taught her that Santa lives at the North Pole and comes once a year to deliver presents to all children.

Wynter Skye is concerned about Santa Claus not coming to her home to bring gifts. Wynter Skye’s First Christmas With Family teaches the audience about the names of Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus and the elves ages. Then, we see the family preparing for Santa Claus, caroling, and enjoying each other during the holiday season. Finally, Wynter Skye learns the true meaning of Christmas, and it is not about receiving or giving presents but about the love of family. AMAZON LINK

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