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Wynter Skye

Wynter Skye is a 2-year-old rumbustious toddler exploring the world around her. She will bring along Summer Rayne. Wynter Skye is an only child and grandchild. She loves to dress fashionably; her favorite color is yellow, her favorite fruit is blueberries, and her favorite vegetable is green beans.
Summer Rayne is a doll that looks like Wynter Skye. Wynter Skye sees Summer Rayne through a store window and instantly falls in love with her. The mother surprises Wynter Skye by purchasing the doll. The pair become best friends. Summer Rayne is dressed like Wynter Skye and travels everywhere with Wynter Skye as she explores the world.

Summer Rayne

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The mother is a 26-year-old female college graduate who works full-time as a sales representative at a drug manufacturing company. She sees Wynter Skye for the first time after birth and falls in love immediately. Mommy is nervous because this is her first child. She is learning how to be a mother.
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The father is a 30-year-old male college graduate who works full-time as an Assistant Program Director at a local daycare center. He is a proud father of Wynter Skye. Wynter Skye is his only child. He is present in her life daily as a supportive father. He first appears in the delivery room holding Wynter Skye for the first time with a proud look on his face as a father.




The grandmother is 54-year-old and works as a nurse practitioner at a local hospital. The proud grandmother babysits Wynter Skye and Summer Rayne often and takes them out on some of their adventures.
Grandfather is a 57-year-old African American male. He is a retired army member who watches Wynter Skye and Summer Rayne with the grandmother.


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