Why are short story books best for reading as bedtime stories for kids?

Bedtime stories are a beloved tradition for many families around the world. Parents and guardians alike understand the importance of reading to their children and its benefits for their development. Short story books have become increasingly popular for bedtime stories due to their numerous advantages over longer books. This article will explore why the best […]

Pacifier or thumb sucking – which is best for baby?


Which is best pacifier or thumb sucking for soothing a infants or toddlers? A question that I had to answer as a young mother. For me, during that time, it was a tough decision. But, looking back, I’m glad I made the right decision for my daughter by letting her decide. My youngest child sucked […]

When to stop using the pacifier?


When to stop using the pacifier; is a difficult question; as I said previously, my best friend carried her pacifier around in her purse until an unknown age. According to some pediatricians, the recommendation is before six months, and others by age two. So, you will need to prepare your little one to say goodbye […]

What are some of the pros of using the pacifier?

Valencia Weaver-Pacifiers blog

Pacifier helps soothes; baby can self-soothe. The parent will be less stressed when the baby/toddler is content. Distracts from pain and discomfort. Reduces sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It makes traveling more manageable, especially if traveling long distances in a car. Easier to wean from compared to thumb sucking. Sucking reflex is stimulated and is […]