Author of the Wynter Skye Series

Wynter Skye Goes To Daycare (Wynter Skye Adventures)

Wynter Skye goes to Daycare is the fifth book in the series. Wynter Skye is excited initially about going to Daycare but soon learns that her best friend, Summer Rayne(doll), cannot go with her. The working parents are also sad because they don’t like to see her cry or be away from their child. However, once Wynter Skye arrives in her classroom, she is amazed by the drawings of alphabets, numbers, shapes, etc., on the classroom walls. She sees children of different colors and eagerly greets everyone. She learns that going to Daycare would be fun and that being away from her parents for an extended period is okay.



  • Publication date: April 29, 2023
  • Language: English
  • File size: ‎ 11485 KB


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